A great 6 months. . .

The Dave Ramsey Show has had a great 6 months. As an independently owned and operated talk radio show you have to scrap for every clear you get. Nothing comes easy for us, which makes the last 6 months so rewarding. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Daypart or Live clears in:

Atlanta – WGST (3p-7p) M-F

Kansas City – KCMO (11a-2p) M-F

Dallas – KLIF (1p-4p) M-F

Houston – KPRC (12p-2p) M-F

Seattle – KCIS (3p-7p) M-F

We’ve also added great clears in markets like Salt Lake City – KNRS (7p-10p) M-F among others.

About 18 months ago it was driving our team crazy that we didn’t have major clears in 3 markets. . .Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte. I mean, demographically these are bigger Nashville’s and TDRS really connects with that demo.  Well, we’ve gotten the clears we were looking for in Dallas and Atlanta we’re just waiting on Charlotte. Hello Charlotte!!!

Major props to Suzanne Simms and her team with the momentum that we are experiencing. Great job.

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