Our ad for the upcoming Talk Radio Seminar

Here’s the latest masterpiece by The Dave Ramsey Show graphics and marketing afficionado — Brian “B-Dub” Williams. This guy came to us from Tampa, FL and is seriously good. We are represented really well with him on board.  He created this ad for the upcoming R&R Talk Radio Seminar.

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5 Comments on “Our ad for the upcoming Talk Radio Seminar”

  1. I agree…B-Dub is seriously good. This ad reflects Dave’s integrity and dignity. Looks great.

  2. Bill Hampton Says:

    Way to go Figurehead! What you didn’t know is that I’d decided that the first person to post on my new blog got a free lunch at their establishment of choice. Winner! Let me know where you want to go.

  3. YES! I officially accept my award. Now, I need to think about where I’ll be dining.

  4. Paul Farmer Says:

    That is a gorgeous ad.

  5. Wow. That is a powerful ad. Really captures Dave’s determination and spirit. Great job Brian.

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