Wired Magazine’s Nancy Miller

Another update from the Treo 700. I’ll clean it up later. Sat through a discussion with Nancy Miller of Wired Magazine. Very bright and interesting lady. Jumped out at me that she wasn’t the kind of person that held the view of technology, like many others in the “new media” world, that if you don’t embrace ALL of it then you are behind the times. She simply stated where we stand as a culture. Take it or leave it, it’s here.

New point:
Read “Fastfood Nation”. She assumed everyone had but if not she said it was a must read.

Interesting point by Nancy. . .
Kids are buyting more books than ever. She said, “yeah, I know, dead trees” What? In todays world, kids are buying books? See, this is one of my big problems with people who are learning about or in the business of “new media”. So many of them want to tell you that if you are doing anything by “traditional means” ( ie. reading a paper book as opposed to online) then you are behind the times. . . It’s a load of crap. People don’t want to be bound to the electriconic device, and paper, for at least a few more years, is easier, more covenient and more portable. I know I’ll catch heat for the “more portable” thing but I stand by it.

Where should talk radio take their listeners in the coming years on this subject? Just let the listeners lead? They will tell you what his hot. Don’t know if you can stay ahead and it may not be true in radio but in Wired’s world, they let the readers lead and tell them what they want. (See Wired’s Editor in Chief Chris Anderson’s blog at The Long Tail)

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One Comment on “Wired Magazine’s Nancy Miller”

  1. Chris Thomas Says:

    Who tells you these things? Who says you have to adopt it all? Who says reading paper books puts you “behind the times?” Chris Anderson’s blog might have something to do with The Long Tail, this incredible book he wrote. I’m proud of you for attending Nancy’s session. Very proud. Just wish you would tag your posts better.

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