Wired Magazine’s Nancy Miller continued. . .


So I’ve got to give props t0 my buddy Chris Thomas. He’s made another great recommendation. What is it this time?. . . Wired Magazine. I’ll be honest and tell you that I read this recommendation on his blog a week or so ago but didn’t act on it. (I did act on The Fallout Boy album and it really is fantastic) But not Wired.

 So, as posted earlier, I’ve been at the Talk Radio Seminar in Marina Del Rey and while there I sat in on a discussion with Nancy Miller of Wired Magazine and I was really impressed with her. So Pourout recommends the mag, Nancy from the mag is there, put the two together, I go. . .really like it. . . get the mag and am pretty quickly obsessed. Next paragraph why. . .

The articles are short! This is, by the way, exactly what Nancy talked about. Today my generation (Yes, I still consider myself part of the “younger generation”) wants info quick. Almost like, give me the gist of what you want to tell me on page 1 then give me the option to read more. I think Wired is doing this and I am now, therefore, a subscriber.

 One more thing I think is important in this post for us in the younger generation. (I laugh whenever I write that b/c I know some of my buddies are going, “Bill! YOU’RE NOT IN THE YG!!!. . . sorry. . . that’s where I want to be, so live with it) Anyway, as I was saying, one thing that is very important to us in the YG is a recommendation from a trusted source. I have people in my life that have built credibility over time on different subjects. Once I have them in my life, my life is easier. We have so many freaking choices today on everything you can imagine. I don’t have time to learn it all. Surround myself with people I trust, get their advice and take action. I like that. It really makes life easier.

Alright, I’ve just typed this entire post on my Treo somewhere over Arkansas and my right thumb is not doing well. (left one’s fine) I need a break.

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One Comment on “Wired Magazine’s Nancy Miller continued. . .”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the link. I’ve been a Wired subscriber for about 2 years now and it just gets better and better with each issue.

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