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Celebrating #300!

March 26, 2007


This almost slipped by unnoticed. When the team here cleared KNRS in Salt Lake City it had officially cleared The Dave Ramsey Show in our 300th city! Why did it almost go by unnoticed? B/c we’ve already surpassed 315 clears. They are coming too fast.

We announced this clear in our recent ad campaigns so the industry was aware of it but on a personal celebration level. . .we just kept truckin’ and never really stopped to go. . .WOW!  It’s a big deal. It’s something worth celebrating.

Great job to the affiliate relations / sales team of The Dave Ramsey Show:

Suzanne Simms, Joe Leavitt, Bob Borquez, Chad Nikazy, Amy Severson, Sarah Mitchell and Laura Ball. . .

400 should be here in a couple weeks! 🙂