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Great Marketing Conversation:

March 16, 2007

So I was talking with our Director of Marketing, Brian Williams, this morning in our weekly meeting. He asked me a question that I know but hadn’t verbalized in a long time. It was one of those questions that you “just do” but maybe it’s been a while since you thought about why you do it.  In a nutshell, here was the question:

“Why do we market Dave the way we market Dave and what books have I read that make me the marketer that I am?”

We went on to have a great discussion. We first talked about non-traditional marketers that I really admire. Most of them are guys where marketing is simply an extension of who they are and they are very competitive.  . . Two names were Mark Cuban and Pat Croce.  Specifically Cuban. . .he’s a true american success story first of all. He identified the dream and in Dave’s terms, “Left the Cave, Killed something and brought it home”. To stay with the Dave analogy, he knows who his fans (listeners) are and he markets to them. The fans enjoy a Dallas Mavericks basketball game. Why? One b/c the team is great which is certainly a result of their owners passion and vision, but also I think the bigger reason is Cuban doesn’t walk the industry line. The industry line is boring. He didn’t become “one of them”. He knows himself. Knows what made him successful in other businesses and he carried it over to the NBA. He probably, vehemently defends against becoming one of the industry. The fans eat it up. It’s no fun to follow another vanilla talking head for the industry. People always follow passion and Cuban has it.

I’m telling you. . as we talked about this I realized that is EXACTLY what has made us win with The Dave Ramsey Show. Dave is a self made man who knows exactly who he is and what got him here. He has laser focus on what he knows he was created to do. As a company he has mentored us to passionately defend our message and the way we deliver that message. As for talk radio, none of our team members are “career radio guys”. We look at the industry a little different and I think that has made us very appealing to the listeners. We have narrowed this thing down to a simple message of HOPE and we go after that everyday with laser focus. We know exactly what we are aiming at.

Of course, it all goes down to pursuing the passion with blinders on. Not getting distracted from what you know in your gut you are called to do.

I’m getting excited as I’m typing this. I see a guy who is just running toward the goal screaming, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!” Brick wall, doesn’t matter I’m going through it. . .Fined by the NBA? Tough, I’ll match your fine with a gift to charity. Dropped by a radio station for saying the wrong thing on the air? Your loss. . .we’re going to keep winning all over the country b/c we are convinced that what we are doing is right.

Take it to the hole over and over and over again. Never stop!

It’s always good to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and then be forced to verbalize it. It was a good meeting.


Our ad for the upcoming Talk Radio Seminar

March 6, 2007

Here’s the latest masterpiece by The Dave Ramsey Show graphics and marketing afficionado — Brian “B-Dub” Williams. This guy came to us from Tampa, FL and is seriously good. We are represented really well with him on board.  He created this ad for the upcoming R&R Talk Radio Seminar.