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Who’s Left, Who’s Right. . . Who Cares?!

March 15, 2007


This was the title of a panel I sat on while at the Talk Radio Seminar last week. Not being part of a political talk radio show, I was invited to represent the alternative but growing genre of “Lifestyle Talk”.

Other participants were:

Phil Boyce – WABC Radio, Gabe Hobbs – Clear Channel, Amy Bolton – Jones Radio, Jerry Doyle – Talk Radio Network, and Bill Handel – Premiere Radio Network.

There were a lot of differing viewpoints offered during this session. Here is what I was left with. . . Talk Radio, along with radio in general is there to serve it’s listeners. Listeners lives are well rounded. Do they care about politics? Absolutely. Is there only one spoke on the wheel of their life? Of course not. For a station to┬áhave hosts that represent politics, money and other aspects of the listeners life as a whole just makes sense.

There is a lot of talk right now in radio circles regarding political talk vs. lifestyle talk. Which way should a station program? My question is. . .why does it have to be one or the other. There is a growing number of major stations in top 50 cities that have decided to mix the two and they are doing extremely well.

The listeners lives are well rounded. Have your programming reflect that and I think you’ll be surprised at the reaction you’ll receive.


TRS thoughts:

March 8, 2007

While at the Talk Radio Seminar I am going to take some time to make some brief posts from my Treo 700. These are thoughts that enter my ears and flow straight through my thumbs to you.

Here is the first one.

In the first session of the day a major radio researcher made the prediction that in the future successful conservative talkers like Bill O’Reilly will become more centrist in their views. He then said, and I quote,”If O’Reilly’s doing it, Rush can’t be far behind.” This comment got a lot of surprised laughs from those in the audience that know Rush well.

Rush as a centrist or moderate? That seems like a stretch to me.

R&R Talk Radio Seminar 2007

March 5, 2007

I will be out at one of my favorite conventions of the year. Radio and Records Talk Radio Seminar. Yes, the location certainly helps but I am also a big fan of the attendees of this event. Al Peterson really puts on a great event. It’s a small group of people but the majority have a ton of experience in the business of talk radio.

I’ll be speaking on a panel titled, “Who’s left. . .Who’s right. . .Who Cares?” Of course, the question being asked is, “will political talk continue to be viable in the coming year?” The answer is yes, but I think it’s a great discussion. I represent a “Life Talk” radio show. It’s the furthest thing from political talk. So our input will revolve around the question of can the two co-exist?

It has been the experience of our team that people’s lives are well rounded and they want their talk radio to reflect that. To say they don’t care about the election is misguided. I think the typical listener does care. Where I part ways with some in the business is that they care about political talk to the extent that the issue directly affects them. Listeners care about their own life first. So do they care about politics? Yes. They also care about paying the bills, getting along with their spouse, raising good kids, etc. When someone is stressed out b/c they just lost their job 3 weeks after they took on a new mortgage, Politics is the last thing on their mind. They care about their current situation.

So can political talk and life talk or service oriented talk radio co-exist? Absolutely! Let the talk radio station reflect the listeners whole life. The listener will thank you by putting a permanent lock on their radio to your station.