Wired Magazine’s Nancy Miller continued. . .

Posted March 12, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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So I’ve got to give props t0 my buddy Chris Thomas. He’s made another great recommendation. What is it this time?. . . Wired Magazine. I’ll be honest and tell you that I read this recommendation on his blog a week or so ago but didn’t act on it. (I did act on The Fallout Boy album and it really is fantastic) But not Wired.

 So, as posted earlier, I’ve been at the Talk Radio Seminar in Marina Del Rey and while there I sat in on a discussion with Nancy Miller of Wired Magazine and I was really impressed with her. So Pourout recommends the mag, Nancy from the mag is there, put the two together, I go. . .really like it. . . get the mag and am pretty quickly obsessed. Next paragraph why. . .

The articles are short! This is, by the way, exactly what Nancy talked about. Today my generation (Yes, I still consider myself part of the “younger generation”) wants info quick. Almost like, give me the gist of what you want to tell me on page 1 then give me the option to read more. I think Wired is doing this and I am now, therefore, a subscriber.

 One more thing I think is important in this post for us in the younger generation. (I laugh whenever I write that b/c I know some of my buddies are going, “Bill! YOU’RE NOT IN THE YG!!!. . . sorry. . . that’s where I want to be, so live with it) Anyway, as I was saying, one thing that is very important to us in the YG is a recommendation from a trusted source. I have people in my life that have built credibility over time on different subjects. Once I have them in my life, my life is easier. We have so many freaking choices today on everything you can imagine. I don’t have time to learn it all. Surround myself with people I trust, get their advice and take action. I like that. It really makes life easier.

Alright, I’ve just typed this entire post on my Treo somewhere over Arkansas and my right thumb is not doing well. (left one’s fine) I need a break.


Wired Magazine’s Nancy Miller

Posted March 10, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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Another update from the Treo 700. I’ll clean it up later. Sat through a discussion with Nancy Miller of Wired Magazine. Very bright and interesting lady. Jumped out at me that she wasn’t the kind of person that held the view of technology, like many others in the “new media” world, that if you don’t embrace ALL of it then you are behind the times. She simply stated where we stand as a culture. Take it or leave it, it’s here.

New point:
Read “Fastfood Nation”. She assumed everyone had but if not she said it was a must read.

Interesting point by Nancy. . .
Kids are buyting more books than ever. She said, “yeah, I know, dead trees” What? In todays world, kids are buying books? See, this is one of my big problems with people who are learning about or in the business of “new media”. So many of them want to tell you that if you are doing anything by “traditional means” ( ie. reading a paper book as opposed to online) then you are behind the times. . . It’s a load of crap. People don’t want to be bound to the electriconic device, and paper, for at least a few more years, is easier, more covenient and more portable. I know I’ll catch heat for the “more portable” thing but I stand by it.

Where should talk radio take their listeners in the coming years on this subject? Just let the listeners lead? They will tell you what his hot. Don’t know if you can stay ahead and it may not be true in radio but in Wired’s world, they let the readers lead and tell them what they want. (See Wired’s Editor in Chief Chris Anderson’s blog at The Long Tail)

TRS thoughts:

Posted March 8, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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While at the Talk Radio Seminar I am going to take some time to make some brief posts from my Treo 700. These are thoughts that enter my ears and flow straight through my thumbs to you.

Here is the first one.

In the first session of the day a major radio researcher made the prediction that in the future successful conservative talkers like Bill O’Reilly will become more centrist in their views. He then said, and I quote,”If O’Reilly’s doing it, Rush can’t be far behind.” This comment got a lot of surprised laughs from those in the audience that know Rush well.

Rush as a centrist or moderate? That seems like a stretch to me.

Golf at Shady Canyon. . .

Posted March 7, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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As mentioned earlier, I head to Marina Del Rey tomorrow for The Talk Radio Seminar. Whenever I’m out in Southern CA, I always try and get down to Irvine to spend some time with one of my favorite people and good friend Bill Mitchell. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cup of coffee or a round of golf I always learn something from him.

As you read this I’m probably in the air and on my way to see him today. Fortunately we will be spending time at the golf course. This is always a highlight b/c I get to play probably one of the finest golf courses in the country. Not just that I’ve played, but one of the nicest in the country.

Bill’s a member at Shady Canyon Golf Club. I’m telling you, this Fazio designed course is a thing of beauty. I simply don’t know how you could put together a better track than this. If you’re a golfer, check out the holes on the website. You can even listen to audio of Fazio’s thoughts on each hole.

I love playing a great golf course. Let me know if you’ve got one you’d recommend.

I was also custom fitted for a set of clubs and picked them up yesterday. I’ve never done that before. Went with the Mizuno MX-23 irons got a new shaft in my driver and a 2 & 3 hybrid. Looking forward to hitting them for the first time at Shady Canyon.

Here’s to a great round.

Our ad for the upcoming Talk Radio Seminar

Posted March 6, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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Here’s the latest masterpiece by The Dave Ramsey Show graphics and marketing afficionado — Brian “B-Dub” Williams. This guy came to us from Tampa, FL and is seriously good. We are represented really well with him on board.  He created this ad for the upcoming R&R Talk Radio Seminar.

R&R Talk Radio Seminar 2007

Posted March 5, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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I will be out at one of my favorite conventions of the year. Radio and Records Talk Radio Seminar. Yes, the location certainly helps but I am also a big fan of the attendees of this event. Al Peterson really puts on a great event. It’s a small group of people but the majority have a ton of experience in the business of talk radio.

I’ll be speaking on a panel titled, “Who’s left. . .Who’s right. . .Who Cares?” Of course, the question being asked is, “will political talk continue to be viable in the coming year?” The answer is yes, but I think it’s a great discussion. I represent a “Life Talk” radio show. It’s the furthest thing from political talk. So our input will revolve around the question of can the two co-exist?

It has been the experience of our team that people’s lives are well rounded and they want their talk radio to reflect that. To say they don’t care about the election is misguided. I think the typical listener does care. Where I part ways with some in the business is that they care about political talk to the extent that the issue directly affects them. Listeners care about their own life first. So do they care about politics? Yes. They also care about paying the bills, getting along with their spouse, raising good kids, etc. When someone is stressed out b/c they just lost their job 3 weeks after they took on a new mortgage, Politics is the last thing on their mind. They care about their current situation.

So can political talk and life talk or service oriented talk radio co-exist? Absolutely! Let the talk radio station reflect the listeners whole life. The listener will thank you by putting a permanent lock on their radio to your station.

A great 6 months. . .

Posted March 5, 2007 by Bill Hampton
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The Dave Ramsey Show has had a great 6 months. As an independently owned and operated talk radio show you have to scrap for every clear you get. Nothing comes easy for us, which makes the last 6 months so rewarding. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Daypart or Live clears in:

Atlanta – WGST (3p-7p) M-F

Kansas City – KCMO (11a-2p) M-F

Dallas – KLIF (1p-4p) M-F

Houston – KPRC (12p-2p) M-F

Seattle – KCIS (3p-7p) M-F

We’ve also added great clears in markets like Salt Lake City – KNRS (7p-10p) M-F among others.

About 18 months ago it was driving our team crazy that we didn’t have major clears in 3 markets. . .Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte. I mean, demographically these are bigger Nashville’s and TDRS really connects with that demo.  Well, we’ve gotten the clears we were looking for in Dallas and Atlanta we’re just waiting on Charlotte. Hello Charlotte!!!

Major props to Suzanne Simms and her team with the momentum that we are experiencing. Great job.